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Why Upper Antelope Canyon?

After spending some time looking for the most beautiful place to spend a day in Arizona, images of 2 locations came up more than anything else. The rims of the Grand Canyon and the canyons in Page, Arizona. Upper Antelope Canyon seemed the better bet for a February day when it would be cold and the trees bare of foliage. To get there requires a guided tour. Get there on early, because they will start without you! But the fortunate just might be treated to a show, like we did, by this Native American hoop dancer.

Perfomance of a lifetime
Native American Hoop Dancer
Majestic Dancer
Navajo Hoop Dancer after his performance

Upper Antelope Canyon

As you trek into Upper Antelope Canyon, you immediately notice the layers of sediment in the petrified sand dunes that comprise the walls all around you. The beauty of this canyon comes from the light that peeks between the tops of the walls. Expect to be surrounded by other people, but the guides will work to keep them out of your shots if you take a photo tour. The views when you walk into the large room are breathtaking! Below are my images of the entrance:

Entering Upper Antelope Canyon
Entering Upper Antelope Canyon, a journey into the canyon formed by petrified sand dunes.
Deeper into Upper Antelope Canyon
Exploring the Navajo Nations amazing Antelope Canyon.

Deeper into the Canyon

As you delve deeper into Antelope Canyon, you find formations in the rocks like this heart aperture in the ceiling.

Heart of Upper Antelope Canyon
Heart of Upper Antelope Canyon

This bear is working to climb out of the canyon and into the light above:

Antelope Canyon Bear
The bear climbing out of the canyon

Your guide will happily help set up your shots and even throw the sand onto the rocks to create a stunning waterfall effect:

Sand Flowing
Sand flowing like a waterfall in Upper Antelope Canyon

(Microsoft even used this canyon’s walls for the background of Windows 7!)

Finding Light
Finding Light through the canyon walls
Exiting Antelope Canyon
Exiting Upper Antelope Canyon’s large chamber

Final Thoughts

We left in awe of Upper Antelope Canyon and wished for more time to visit the area’s other canyons and rock formation. The unique nature of the canyon’s beauty was truly miraculous.

Antelope Tour Crew
Photographers in amazement on the tour

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To book your own tour, contact Adventurous Antelope Canyon Photo Tour. They did a great job working with our group.

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