Beale Street Flippers in August, Memphis Tennessee

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The Location

Beale Street is known around the world for its rich history and as the very heartbeat of Memphis. Once dusk brings relief from the southern heat and humidity, Beale Street truly comes alive. Alive with entertainment, like the Beale Street Flippers.

Beale Street
Beale Street before the wild times begin.

Memphis has always been an entertainment center for the south. Music is everywhere, from the dueling pianos at Silky O’Sullivan’s to live Blues music at B.B. Kings. And the entertainment spills out into the street as well.

Music is just the beginning of the entertainment you can find here. The Beale Street Flippers put on an athletic show, and it just doesn’t get any more Memphis than this. Memphis requires a certain level of Hustle to make it in the city. This crew takes that hustle to a whole other arena.

Finding the Beale Street Flippers and the Show

The flippers can usually be found between 2nd and 3rd street on Beale Street, putting on shows every half hour or so, depending on the crowd size and weather. Sometimes you get the junior flippers, sometimes you get the adults. Mr. Jarvis is one of the best of this elite group and, Man, does he put on a show. In this image, you can see the just how high in the air he gets when flipping over 5 adults. He makes this look effortless but, I can assure you, it isn’t. This crew works for tips, so when you make it down to watch the show, be sure to contribute to keep them performing.

Learhing the hustle
Next Generation of the Beale Street Flippers putting in work. This kid has some serious skills.
Memphis Made!
Beale Street Flipper (Mr. Jarvis) putting on a show in front of the crowd. Memphis made! Memphis original.
Landing Ahead
What goes up, must come down. Mr. Jarvis spots his landing after flipping over 5 brave individuals in the middle of Beale Street.
Mr. Jarvis clears them all
Mr. Jarvis is amazing! Clearing 5 people in a single flip. It doesn’t get more Memphis than this. BB Kings, Beale Street, Memphis style hustle.
Mr. Jarvis Handspring
Mr. Jarvis warming up with his handspring. Him and his team put on one heck of a show.

Want more?

For more about the Beale Street Flippers, check out this follow up from September. If you’d rather enjoy authentic and original photos from Memphis, check out my Memphis Collection.

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