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Category: Behind the Photo

Learn more about everything Behind the Photo. These posts are where I share my Journey in Photos on the technical details.

How the image was captured? The camera equipment, lens, and settings.

What post processing techniques where used? Is this a composite? Straight out of the camera? HDR?

Learn the details Behind the Photo.

Reflections 2.0

I find the mix of old and new throughout the city to be captivating. Over time, new glass high rises are becoming intertwined with historic buildings and Philadelphia’s iconic row houses.

Beale Street Flippers in September

It is hot outside, just over 90 degrees and feels much worse with the humidity, as the sun starts to go down for the night. After the sun goes down, the temperature is likely to drop a few degrees; however, with the low is still 70 degrees over night there is no real relief for the heat in sight.

Finding The Light In The Darkness

The rare glimpses of light within these tunnels reflect the circumstances of their inhabitants, small glimmers of hope surrounded by heavy, impregnable darkness.

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