Philadelphia gives you the bird

Eagles Super Bowl Parade – Philadelphia

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How I got here

On February 4th, 2018 the Philadelphia Eagles did what many thought were impossible. These underdogs beat the mighty New England Patriots in the Super Bowl! They went through the entire play offs without their starting QB Carson Wentz. The Eagles hopes relied on the back up QB Nick Foles to bring home the victory. He did not disappoint and brought home the victor. The following I got on my flight to Philadelphia for a few business meetings that were previously scheduled. I didn’t realize the dates would overlap the victory parade.

Waking up to the Chaos

My flight was scheduled to leave after the parade, the office was closed and the plans I had made for this day were changed. I woke up to chants and cheers outside my hotel window and new I needed to take some pictures of the celebration. The first thing I do is spend $20 on a championship tee shirt to go over my jacket, I had nothing green in my bag. I go down into the crowd and start to walk from Logan’s Square up to the Art Museum along Ben Franklin Parkway.

Highlight Images from the Eagles parade

Philadelphia gives you the bird
These guys made a huge Lomardi Trophy and carried it around. I love the middle finger with the ring on it in the background. Philadelphia giving you the bird!
Eagles Fan and Poet
This child has a great future in Poetry.
Big Dick Nick Foles
A custom sign in honor of “Big Dick Nick”

The Main Event

They played the entire game on big jumbo TV’s in the streets before the parade. Then a DJ hyped up the crowd that was fueled on a lot of Bud Light, since they gave away free beer for this event. Philly Philly, Dilly Dilly was written everywhere! Shirts, hats, even in the sky! After a short while the Eagles Super Bowl Parade began and I was able to capture a few images:

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The Characters

Lots of characters were around. The fans really took to the underdog persona and dressed accordingly. Others took to the Eagles mascot Swoop. Some where just confused, but it made for some great photos of the people around the parade.

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The Scene

They said 2 – 3 million people were in downtown Philadelphia for this event. I’d believe it and EVERYONE wanted to see the parade. People brought ladders for the kids to see, others climbed anything they could. Monuments, fountains, steps, even the Amor sign. These fans wanted to see their team bringing the Lomardi Trophy down Broad Street and up Ben Franklin Parkway to the Art Museum.

Philly Philly – Dilly Dilly

Bud Light made the most out of their advertising. With sky writers flying over the crowds writing Philly Philly Dilly Dilly everywhere.

Philly Philly Dilly Dilly
Bug Light spared no expense on advertising. Dilly Dilly, Philly Philly.

Even the transit police embraced the underdog.

Transit Police - Underdog
Transit Police – Underdog

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