Calvary Post Sky Replacement

Escape Boring – Sky Replacement

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Escape Boring – Sky Replacement

Some days you end up somewhere with amazing architecture, landscapes, or a monument. Everything is in alignment; except for one thing. You have the most boring sky, not a cloud to be seen. Last year while shooting the Calvery Crosses at Bellevue Baptist Church, in Memphis Tn it was such a night. The subject matter is very interesting; however, this image needs just a bit more to escape boring. This image is in need of a sky replacement.

Bellevue Crosses Before Sky Replacement
Calvary Crosses before the Sky Replacement to help them stand out and pop.

Bye Bye Boring – New Sky

After a quick sky replacement in photoshop and removing the silly radio towers, we end up with a much better photograph of these icon crosses. The trick is to not distract from the primary subject with the new sky. I believe these rolling clouds at sunset fit really well with the crosses. The angle and source of the sun were the same, so no crazy artifacts to be found.

Calvary Post Sky Replacement
Three Crosses at Bellevue Baptist Church at Sunset. It symbolizes Calvary with the center and highest cross being the one Jesus died on and the cross on either side being the ones the two thieves hung on.

Investment Details

This took about 5 minutes in photoshop to complete after I found the right sky for the photo. It really changes the photo from boring to wow in my mind.

Do you agree the image looks better with the new sky or does it take away from the image?

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Shout Outs!

Thank you to Bellevue Baptist Church for maintaining these beautiful landmarks to share with the world.

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