About the visit to the Georgia Aquarium

It’s Sunday October 9th 2017 over fall break for much of the south, it is a cold rainy day in Atlanta Georgia. The doors open at 9 am and we are close to the front of the line and one of the first few people in the door. The entire Georgia Aquarium is amazing; however, we knew the getting there early was the best chance we’d have at seeing the Whale Sharks, which reside in Ocean Voyage exhibit. I walk in through the exit and see nearly no one in large exhibit area. This is perfect to capture some amazing images of these phenomenal animals and the others in the exhibit. This viewing wall is amazing measuring in at over 60′ long and 20′ high it feels like you are in the water and eye to eye with the aquatic animals.

The Scene

It is truly awe inspiring and almost unbelievable. As you can see, from this image, these juvenile whale sharks are huge and the visitors look on in complete amazement to capture the magic.

Lady and the Shark
This lady getting a video of the amazing whale shark at the Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta. These are both large and rare creatures, only a few aquariums can support them, this one has 4 of them.
Whale Shark at the Georgia Aquarium
The whale shark swimming along effortlessly.

As the whale shark turns away and continues to swim we get to enjoy the most amazing sea turtle. To which, I could only think of the sea turtles from Finding Nemo saying “Give me some fin” as this lovely guy

Sea Turtle
Whoa dude! This sea turtle is rocking it at the Georgia Aquarium in downtown Atlanta.

The Bonus Scenes

This is not the only exhibit the aquarium has to offer, but it is by far my favorite. Over in the cold water quest we were able to see the Beluga Whale; however, the crowd was to  think for me to be able to capture a good quality image of them. After continuing through this area we stumbled upon the African Penguin. My daughter grabbed my hand and said, look there is a tunnel! So we crawled through the tunnel and I came face to face with several of these guys, seemed like they were racing each other. I grab a few images of these gentle birds and this guy here.

Penguin Racing in the Georgia Aquarium
This penguin is in first place in the race

The Details on these Images

Photos of the whale shark were at 28mm, ISO 6400 f/4.0, the turtle was shot at 90 mm, ISO 6400 f/5.6. The penguin was 24mm, ISO 4000 f/3.5. On the whale shark photos I softened the focus and modified them slightly in photoshop to get rid of the ugly exit sign reflection in the barrier. I know they are there for safety; however, they ruin the image!

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