The Beginning

We started our 3rd day of tours around Lisbon with the Lisbon on Wheels team picking us up from the hotel The goal for today? Arrabida! Complete with lunch on a private beach. We went into this with no real expectations, all of our tours thus far have been amazing, so we are hoping this one is as well.

Our First Stop – Arrabida Beach

We across the bridge to the south and end up in Arrabida a short while later. Our first stop is at the beach. Across from the beach are these little row homes. Our tour guide from Lisbon on Wheels explains that these are where the fishermen sleep during fishing seasons.

Fishing Houses in Rural Portugal
Fishing Houses in rural Portugal

We continue to drive down to the south and and I see these amazing views of the cliffs and the beaches. I ask the drive to pull over and we walk down to the beach so that I can capture these cliffs.

Cliffs overlooking the Atlantic
Cliffs overlooking the Atlantic

Stop 2  – Cabo Espichel

Our last stop before lunch is to visit this amazing 15th century church. The Cabo Espichel was build to stand the test of time. Sitting near the edge of a cliff down to the ocean, the views around the church are just as stunning as the church itself. These images speak for themselves.

15th Century Church at Cape Espichel
Hidden Beauty – This church holds a natural beauty hidden from the world on a rural cliff
Wall of the church with light house
Old & New – Old wall from a church that is left standing in ruins and the new beauty of the lighthouse in the background
Secluded Beach at Cape Espichel
Secluded Beach at Cape Espichel. This beach is very difficult to get to, but the beauty is worth it.

Stop 3 – Lunch on a private beach

Our tour guide takes us down to Sesimbra to board the boat. I have no idea which way we went next, but the captain took us to a secluded beach. There were a handful of people on this beach, but it appeared there were only 3 ways to get there. Scale down the cliff walls, swim a really long way, or by boat. It was a great time for us to relax and enjoy the experience.

Darrell on the boat
I’m on a boat!

Just look at the views

The view from the secluded beach
The view from the secluded beach
Sailing to a private beach
Sail boat just off the shore of a private beach. The waters are amazingly clear in the Atlantic Ocean on this summer day

Final Stop – Ending the day with Jesus

We went by a winery, where my wife was able to taste and then pick up a couple of bottles of Portuguese wine. On the way to the south, we passed what looked like the Christ the Redeemer statue in Brazil. Turns out Portugal has a similar statue known as the Cristo Rei Statue. So we ended our day hanging out with Jesus for a few minutes before going back to the hotel.

Cristo Rei Statue across the River from Lisbon, Portugal.
Cristo Rei Statue across the River from Lisbon, Portugal.

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If you want to book your tour of Lisbon with this wonderful group find Lisbon on Wheels. They took amazingly good care of us. I’m sure they will do a great job for you too!

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