Starting the Day

We begin the day at our hotel in Lisbon. The tour guide picks us up for our trip to Sintra and Cascais. We start on the roughly hour trip to Sintra; however, the guide tells us we are going to have our first stop at the Palace of Queluz, which he calls the “Versailles of Portugal”.

First Stop – Palace of Queluz

Upon entering the Palace of Queluz. We are impressed by the environment. The palace is extremely well kept. The mirrors are original and you can see the technology has improved over time for mirrors.

Old Mirror in Palace of Queluz
Darrell taking a picture of Katie in an old mirror in Palace of Queluz. Mirror Mirror on the wall…

My favorite room in the palace was this piano waiting to be played.

Piano in Palace of Queluz
Play me a song – Palace of Queluz

In the garden of the palace the tile work and flowers were nothing short of amazing!

Beautiful Flower - Agapanthoidae
Beautiful Flower – Agapanthoidae out side of Palace of Queluz
Queen's Fountain in the garden of Palace of Queluz
Queen’s Fountain in the garden of Palace of Queluz

Second Stop – Pena Palace and Sintra

We kept going to Sintra, where we were able to visit the Pena Palace. This palace is on top of the mountain with some amazing views of Sintra below. The vibrant colors and eloquent tile work of the palace are feast for the eyes.

Pena National Palace
Pena National Palace on the mountain in the Sintra region of Portugal

The dining room table looked read for us to sit down at feast.

Dining room table in the Pena National Palace
Dining room table in the Pena National Palace set for a feast
Stained Glass Wonder
Stained Glass Wonder in the church of the Pena National Palace

Down in the city of Sintra we had lunch and since we were the last ones back to the van, I was able to capture this image of my wife with our entire tour group.

Our Guided Tour of Sintra group...minus me
Guided Tour of Sintra

Guided Tour of Sintra

Final Stop – Hell’s Mouth and Cascais

To finish up the day we went to the eastern most point in Europe then to a location known as Hell’s Mouth. This location got its name from the sounds of waves crashing into the cave. With a name like “Hell’s Mouth” we were not expecting the area around it to be this beautiful.

Hell's Mouth
The view from Hell’s Mouth in Portugal

Lastly down to the beautiful city of Cascais. This fishing village has come a long way from its humble beginnings. The town centers around this church, dock, and beach.

A view of beautiful Cascais
A view of beautiful Cascais

A view of beautilful Cascais

Seagul in Cascais
The seagull fears no man, woman or child…At least while begging for food that is. – Beach front Cascais

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