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Beale Street Flippers in September

It is hot outside, just over 90 degrees and feels much worse with the humidity, as the sun starts to go down for the night. After the sun goes down, the temperature is likely to drop a few degrees; however, with the low is still 70 degrees over night there is no real relief for the heat in sight.

Finding The Light In The Darkness

The rare glimpses of light within these tunnels reflect the circumstances of their inhabitants, small glimmers of hope surrounded by heavy, impregnable darkness.

Benagil Cabe in Portugal

Capturing the Doorway to Heaven – Benagil Cave

Benagil is arguably one oft he most beautiful places on earth and can only be reached by sea. You either have to rent a sea kayak or swim the 250 meters of open ocean around a point to get there.

Beale Street Flippers in August, Memphis Tennessee

Beale Street is known around the world for its rich history and as the very heartbeat of Memphis. Once dusk brings relief from the southern heat and humidity, Beale Street truly comes alive. Alive with entertainment, like the Beale Street Flippers.

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