History of Philadelphia

Of all the American cities, none has a more fascinating history than Philadelphia. As the nation’s original capital, Philadelphia was a strategic location during the Revolutionary War; the Declaration of Independence was signed here, and Philly is home to the oldest residential street in the United States. Reflections of history are everywhere around you.

Personally, I find the mix of old and new throughout the city to be captivating. Over time, new glass high rises are becoming intertwined with historic buildings and Philadelphia’s iconic row houses. All of which adds to the excitement of exploring this unique urban landscape through the lens of a camera.

Capturing the photograph

Reflections of historic buildings in modern building. Philadelphia, Pa
Reflections in mirrors show you what things are. The reflections in this building show you the buildings from the past. Center City Philadelphia.

My first outing with a new wide angle lens was in Philly during summer. Previous attempts to photograph the reflections of historic Philly in the glassy surfaces of the modern structures failed to adequately capture this interesting juxtaposition. (These early efforts were made with my Sony A7R II with my Sony 24‑70mm F/4.0 SEL2470Z) So when the FE 12-24mm F4 G wide angle lens arrived, I was eager to try again. When framing these shots, I found the overall moodiness of a cloudy day elevated the shots and made viewer’s reaction to them more visceral. Lesson learned – a cloudless day isn’t usually a photographer’s friend.

These photos are HDR images, merged in Aurora and finished in Lightroom.

Here are a couple other attempts I took at capturing the reflections. I really enjoy the version above much more than the others.
Reflections 2
Reflections in an urban environment
Reflections in an urban environment

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